J. M. LaFleur
Feb 14 2018

Yeah even in Ublock you have to manually disable them every time. It’s a pain in the ass.

Feb 13 2018

I had missed that article somehow, I want to raise one minor response to your dislike of his mockery of the Qun religion: remember that he is old enough to remember a time when it didn’t exist, and cavort with people who were effectively gods. Yeah, he doesn’t have respect for it, and why would he? He knows it isn’t tr Read more

Feb 7 2018

I find the focus people have on this moustache thing to be absolutely bizarre. I honestly didn’t notice it in the cinema (was told about it afterwards) and even in the gif posted above, I don’t see any real difference between the two sets of footage...

Given how ropey some of the other CGI has been on many superhero Read more

Feb 6 2018

Were. Past tense. That’s why we’re here after all.

Feb 5 2018

When I went to college, the Chinese kids I knew were all split on takeout. Some regarded it as being vaguely terrible versions of things they grew up with, or that had no actual origins in Chinese cuisine, others kind of went with it as being just an Americanized version of something, and enjoyed it as part of the Read more

Feb 1 2018

That’s actually pretty standard as far as entertainment contracts go. Even the number fits her popularity level. She might not like it, but at this point she doesn’t have broad name recognition.

Jan 27 2018

It was the biggest grossing movie of 2017. You can argue about the choices Johnson made, but Disney hopes and prays that Solo “damages the brand” as much as TLJ.

Jan 23 2018

I am a teacher (High school math, formerly English and History), and I cannot find this amusing. I remember being 9 and getting mad when a teacher was wrong. Germany isn’t landlocked Mrs. Hampton! Read more

Jan 22 2018

I felt the same way about their last run of Doctor Who reviews. I miss the old Charlie Jane days, she, at least, made them act like real journalists instead of bitchy bloggers.

Jan 11 2018

Just like Yoda wanted to think of himself as a cool lovable muppet and not a CGI mess.

Jan 8 2018

Non story. The only reason she was spotted under a highway underpass was simply because she was trying to get an interview with Johnny Manziel.