Sep 21

Anyone sufficiently good at sports to win multiple championships and set records usually is kind of a dick.

Sep 11

it fits this year perfectly

Sep 9

Lewis is a champion.

Sep 8

Would excessive speeding like this be reduced if all speed limits were based on some sort of scientifically-based actual safe traveling speed, rather than having areas of arbitrary reduced limits, seemingly for no reason other than revenue generation? Read more

Sep 5

Are you advocating everyone wear a helmet in convertibles, everyone wear a helmet when changing lanes or just being pissy for the sake of it?

Sep 5

Hamilton’s Q1 time on Mediums would make him P2 in Q3, that’s how far they are from the rest

Sep 4

If you where at a ballgame you would pay 7 bucks for a Coors, this is 70 dollars for a warm can of Coors. 

Sep 3

OK, thank you. I saw some comments about it resembling a Range Rover but I kept seeing the Lincoln.
Also - is “lots of screens” a good thing now?  The cockpit looks like its something from the upcoming Top Gun movie and if I’m remembering what it’s like to drive in this COVID world we live in it shouldn’t be as Read more

Sep 3


Aug 24

Counterpoint: if you meet a woman who owns a Peugeot*, definitely try to fuck her. Just don’t get involved or ever let your guard down. Read more

Aug 20

I think it’s because they seem to get worse every year. They started strong, then have been in a steady decline and now they’re lucky to keep up with Williams or even finish a race at all since Grosjean seems to prefer walls to the track. Read more

Aug 16

Even Lewis was so bored he didn’t realize the race was over.... I think simple rules to make racing more exciting is almost no wings alla’ 1969. The front and rear wings are supplied by one manufacturer. The rest of the car can be designed in an aero tunnel but no extra funny strakes, winglets, mini spoilers on side Read more

Aug 16

From experience, pizza from your average “House of Pizza” is OK unrefrigerated for at least 3 days. That or I used to have a cast iron stomach.

Aug 9

Wrong, it is the cheapest way to watch F1. As a cord-cutter, I subscribed to F1 TV for the first time this year. A well-timed single month $10 pro subscription has afforded me 3 races and I just upped for another month. It is easy and it works really well. You can watch live or after the fact. There are highlight Read more

Aug 7

I admire your commitment to reminding us about your 850, even when it has almost no relevance to the article at hand.

Aug 7

Username/comment synergy is strong here.

Aug 7

80% more pollution or 100% of these chili dog farts. Read more