May 21

This slideshow format is garbage. I’ve stuck with Jalopnik for a long time, and Tom, David, and Torch are primary reasons why.

But making articles into slideshows to generate more ad views is going to be a REAL quick way to kill a lot more ad views, myself included.

I hope the Herb up top hears this, but probably not. Read more

Jan 13

Police did not identify speed as a primary factor in any of the 14 fatal crashes on 75 mph freeways in 2018 Read more

Jan 8

I’m speechless, but with 36,895 comments, I haven’t always been speechless.  This post is the best prize ever!  Thanks so much, Andrew!

Oct 29 2018

A year and a half ago I purchased a 1981 TTA Daytona Pace Car out of a RVA barn where it had sat for the previous 10 years.

Sep 17 2018

Silly me, as a professor who’s taught quite a few sections of constitutional law and government over the last decade or so, I thought a “fascist” was a full boat jingoistic nationalist, a dictator, one who spent their time and efforts squelching opposition, shouting them down, refusing them a voice, e.g., Nazi-ally Il Read more

Sep 17 2018

How is Ben Shapiro a fascist? How is he a racist? I thought attacking people for different opinions and trying to silence debate was fascism?

Jul 16 2018

His tunnel boring machine must have hit a major breakthrough, given the rate at which he is digging himself in a hole.