Yesterday 9:18AM

It’s particularly a perfect sibling moment. That thing where an older brother tries to tell you that a thing is fun, and you have to say as firmly as you can that you’ve never, ever enjoyed it.

Yesterday 4:38AM

Personally, I think one of my favorite Loki moments was “I have been falling... for thirty minutes!” Read more

Yesterday 12:02AM

Bugs is who we want to be. Daffy is who we are.” —Chuck Jones

Friday 5:20PM

I live in Kansas City, which has a dozen barbecue restaurants that could all vie for the best in the country, and when family came into town, they elected to eat at fucking Applebee’s.  My soul died a little that day.  

Friday 4:53PM

The TVA waiting room is basically the West Side Highway impound yard waiting room in Manhattan at a time locked 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday. Do not ask me how I know.

Thursday 4:54PM

“You expect me to believe that Kate Moss, an extremely thin human, somehow contains the machinery to manufacture another living creature, as well as the machinery to cause her to be able to deliver it.” Read more

Thursday 2:38PM

This is VERY timely! While I’m not new to this (west indian family - been dipping my mangos in salt water since a toddler), I just got back from L.A. and was introduced to the Mangonada.

Wednesday 10:27PM

On our hikes and kayak trips we often take a small selection of cheeses that pair well with easily carried fruits. Apples, pears, grapes, dried apricots and blueberries are light and travel well. You want hardier cheeses that can be easily sliced and don’t need refrigeration for a day’s journey.

6/03/21 1:33PM

It’s been discovered she doesn’t even live in Oakland. She lives in a super pricey South Bay city. She and her husband also recently had to settle a lawsuit because they refused to pay for work done on an investment property. Really stand up people here.

6/02/21 4:23PM

I’d bet it would turn out ok, but it sounds like the sort of thing that someone would only make if they were really stoned and didn’t have much in the way of ingredients.  Otherwise, it doesn’t sound better than the usual chocolate/wheat mixtures like cakes and brownies and pies.

5/28/21 12:25PM

The audiences kept going so apeshit for Hulk-vs-Loki that I didn't know he said "puny god" until the third time I saw the movie. 

5/28/21 11:39AM

And the Ragnarok callback to the beating, years later, is about the best thing in that movie.

5/28/21 10:49AM

The moment he turned around and said “I’ve got you ma’am” to the flight attendant melted my heart. But the rest of it was absolutely horrible. One of the saddest things about the last four years is how the ahole in chief taught Americans to openly hate each other and removed the shame that previously stopped most idiot Read more

5/28/21 8:46AM

I sincerely believe that Hulk smashing the ever-loving shit out of Loki is my children’s’ generation’s “Indiana Jones brings a gun to a sword fight” moment. Just an absolute adrenaline/dopamine rush that comes from the good guy emphatically winning after getting kicked around for the whole movie.

5/13/21 4:50PM

It took a little bit more pressure to crap out the meat than the rice, but a meat log eventually slid out painlessly with almost no mess at all.”

not an ideal thing to read out of context 

6/15/20 12:49PM

The food historian Rachel Laudan, who lived in Hawaii for many years and wrote extensively about its food, has another idea: “Instead of saying, ‘Why is it so odd that people in Hawaii or people in Korea or people in the Philippines eat Spam and like it,’ the question is: Why did it become such an object of deep Read more