Oct 10 2017

Our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with North Korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars & getting nothing. Policy didn’t work! Read more

Oct 9 2017

Yep - to all of it - the writing was on the wall for UK coal from the mid-1970s when the miners brought down Ted Heath’s government. No future government of either persuasion was going to held to ransom by the miners, so the AGR fleet of reactors was brought on stream as direct competitors for coal no matter the fact Read more

Sep 20 2017

... [Graham-Cassidy] is the last stage out of Dodge City. I’m from Dodge City. So it’s the last stage out to do anything. Restoring decision-making back to the states is always a good idea, but this is not the best possible bill — this is the best bill possible under the circumstances. Read more

Sep 19 2017

“Tricky” is how my preschooler describes snapping up his raincoat.

Aug 24 2017

It’s like your neighbor saying “I’m going to light our whole block on fire to protest our property taxes. Would you be willing to follow behind with the fire extinguisher and make sure I don’t actually burn down the block?” Read more

Aug 16 2017

To answer your question: none of the GOP will vote for this. See you in 2018 you nazi sympathizers.

Aug 13 2017

The nazi apologists are out in full force today. I have seen countless comments today saying “both sides suck” “antifa is just as bad”. Read more

Aug 8 2017

‘After 200 days, rarely has any Administration achieved what we have achieved..not even close!’ Read more

Aug 8 2017

He’s a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. People with this disorder have an incredibly fragile ego and require constant reassurances of their greatness. And *only* greatness will do. NPD people have poor impulse control, are unable to tell flattery from truth, and fly into rages (sometimes very Read more

Aug 8 2017

Don’t forget the scented markers, Donny’s favorite is the white one which smells like racism.

Aug 8 2017

I’m as disappointed as anyone that it isn’t actually Dr. Someskull-or-other. This is how the world ends. Not with a terrifying speech to all the assembled leaders of the world, warning them all of the awesome power of an unimaginably powerful doomsday device and demanding an unbelievable sum of money and power; but Read more

Aug 6 2017

Don’t be so quick to dismiss. With that cannon of an arm and the deep, deep Miami receiving corps, look forward to the play which will go down in history as the Inoculate Reception.

Aug 4 2017

I just love how Trump and his supporters said the unemployment numbers were fake and now that he is President despite nothing changing and it being the same agency that takes the numbers and it being literally impossible for them to go from using fake numbers to real numbers and come to the exact same number. He now

Jul 28 2017

Paul Ryan’s too stupid to get the irony that he quoted a Canadian singer-songwriter who, by virtue of his citizenship, has universal health care.