Jin Kazami
4/23/17 12:37PM

(Just some super-dark humor in the face of a terrifying situation! Steve Kerr is very much one of the good guys and I wish him the absolute best.)

2/26/17 7:28PM

But what about all those perverts pretending to be transgendered who are just waiting to prey on little girls in the women’s bathrooms? Because that shit is all over the news, am I right?

2/26/17 7:21PM

I’ve been coming on this website for many years. and I’m going to throw myself in the arena. When i hear the word Transgender it really ticks me off. You were born either a male or a female. so this guy was shot, (I say guy because he was born a guy not a gal.) It is sad that the person got shot but let’s be honest. Read more

9/08/10 12:25PM

Please, let's not call this "rape." I'm sure that birth can sometimes be traumatic, but calling it "rape" does a real disservice to survivors. Read more