Jim Zeigler
Feb 15 2016

It’s not my place to say if it does that or not. I haven’t read the literature

May 20 2015

College Station is similar. All the freshman Aggies think that parking under a shady tree is a great idea the first week of school. Read more

Jun 30 2014

If they insist on playing basketball with men, they have to expect that the men are going to treat them no differently. So, sorry ladies, but Carmelo Anthony isn't going to pass you the ball, either.

Jun 24 2014

I've been to a few funerals in my day and I can't once remember talking about how the deceased shit themselves before they died.

Jun 23 2014

"just generally celebrating like any 24-year-old girl should" ... Repost that on Jezebel. See what happens.

Jun 23 2014

His dick told the police "I know we've had our share of fistfights but I never thought he'd pull a gun on me."