JMordu becoming “savethemilanos”

Definitely! I love F1 TV’s back catalogue (and the fast race/season recaps too, watching the whole season is a huge commitment time wise!) and a few times a year go back and re-watch a badass season. Lots of times it’s the first time I’ve seen the races even for eras I was following the sport as when I lived on the US Read more

Lol, I wasn’t even thinking about spygate when I brought up 2007, just the careers of Lewis and Fernando. Best thing about Max winning so much is it’s finally starting to signal the end of the era that exists heavily in the shadows of spygate and crashgate. Like Massa might still even get some sort 2008 Champion Read more

I didn’t say Max would win 10 in a row or be dominant in equal cars, just that he would challenge for and get the occasional win in multiple of the 2023 cars. If Red Bull had this exact car but had like Checo and Albon driving, decent but not champion drivers, Max would steal a few wins in half the cars on the grid, Read more

All fair points. It’s almost like F1 is a niche sport too. Trying to make it as big as football or something is a mistake. It’s just not possible. You can go toss or kick a ball at home, only a very few dedicated people can do any motorsport let alone play with equipment anything like a dedicated racecar. Read more

Speak for yourself. I tried to watch one NASCAR race and couldn’t even follow what was going on. It’d be like if a marathon was made up of 3 nine mile races with rest breaks. That doesn’t determine the fastest marathon runner, just who ran the last 9 miles fastest. The first 2/3rd of the race are irrelevant if the fiel Read more

Fair, but my point is you watch F1 and other indivdual sports knowing they will regularly be dominated for years on end by a single competitor. If that bothers someone, they’re just not cut out for individual sports. F1 is not for people who can’t look past the dominant driver/team and get excited about the battle for Read more

It’s very unique, and not my first choice, but I think it’s good looking anyway? I’d pick the Ioniq 5 every time, that’s far more my jam apperance wise, but I just have to respect and even admire the hyundai desgin department for swining for the fences in truly unique ways. Wouldn’t be pissed if this was the shape of Read more

I mean, every EV I’ve owned has been by far the cheapest and easiest car to own in my life. You literally can get most of your fuel for free if you do things like grocery shop or go to the movies once or twice a week and drive a moderate amount. Plus other than brakes (which thanks to regen see very very little wear) a

I mean, it’d be interesting, lots of fun battles, and 5 winners from 5 teams, but Checo would be ~50 points clear of anyone. Add in another race but not champion winning driver at the second red bull to split up the points a bit more though? Maybe there’s a chance Alonso or Lewis are in the 3 or 4 way fight for first. Read more

How well is trying to make racing into a sport with tournements and such working for NASCAR? I tried to watch the race Kimi was in last year, and literally couldn’t figure out the basic structure. Like there’s three? seperate periods with intermissions and restarts, just for the heck of it? And “Playoffs” at the end Read more

2003 Sequoia, lately been paying at least 500 a month in maintenance, and that’s mostly just parts! Need to sell it, it was meant as a winter beater and we’re now well into summer. Looking like I’ll replace it for a while with a boomarang hand-me-down, the 1999 RX3oo I drove in 2010-2013. Then hopefully by winter or Read more

Gotcha, personally, I just wish we could have a charger port/receptacle standard that was as simple as fuel filling, or little more than “a nozzle of x thickness, and y length” so anyone could make or build charging stations, mobile battery packs, etc without gatekeeping or undue hurdles.  Read more

Sounds like it might not be as bad as I remember, but I still would really prefer if the Charger port and plug were completely free of any single corporate entity’s encumbrance. Again, it’s clearly a much better DC standard, J1772 was always good enough for AC, but CCS is a terrible kludge, and NACS fixes the core Read more

Tesla’s connector is definitely better. However, my concern is that it is to my understainding not an open standard, but a patented and protected design they are currently offering to licennce for “free.” Down the road, when Tesla starts to struggle more for car sales but owns most of the charging market, I don’t Read more

That was a classic failure of market reserach though. They asked owners of camaros if the terrible visibility bothered them. Most said no. But they didn’t ask people who bought other competitive cars, many of whom didn’t buy the camaro due largely to visibility concerns. Keeping a bad features because “our existing Read more

I know most Hollywood movies get ridiculed for terrible effects (deservedly so) but look at how much worse we could have it! Not that it matters, looks about equal in quality if not budget to a Fast and Furious type movie, so probably something I won’t even bother to catch despite paying for and underutilizing my AMC Read more

It’s to me funny because the absurd behavior is basically living out what goes through my head trying to navigate the anxiety and frustration of existing in this hellish, oppressive society. Not understanding social cues or norms but desperately wanting to come across as “normal” or even just survive the required inter Read more

Yet another thing trains already solved better over a century ago. cars are cool and all, but there’s no version of cars that is a reasonable everyday transit solution for the masses. Cars as anything other than a fun hobby/toy or tool for a specific job was a mistake.  Read more

No, hasn’t grown on me, but then again I owned an e92 and eventually decided it was too modern to be any good and everything newer was even worse. Design is not top of the heap on issues BMW has if they want me as a customer ever again. Simply put, their cars just aren’t fun enough anymore to justify the upfront and Read more

Eh, if it was dated before they left, it would be a lot easier to call it a painfully ironic, misguided, but ultimately intended to be joking letter of support for her son. Still better to have never written it, but I tend to think not having a date makes it more likely it’s unrelated to the murder. No one is arguing Read more