Oct 21

I remember when a certain idiot declared “like magic, it will disappear” by summer.

Oct 21

Remember when we thought this would be over by summer? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Oct 5

Exactly. There’s a reason why you need a lawyer to get divorced - it’s a legal contract. You can get married without having a religious ceremony, as do many people in this country, gay, straight, or otherwise. Religious beliefs shouldn’t enter into it at all. To take this away would be a violation of the 14th Read more

Oct 5

Yes, this. Maybe we should be more like France, where you have two ceremonies-the first is the legal union, and the second (not required) is religious.
I have always been a bit uncomfortable when a religious officiant says “by the power vested in me by the state of...I now pronounce you ...”

Oct 5

Marriage is a legal union. Religious and cultural practices and traditions are peripheral and optional to the legal contract one signs when entering into an agreement of marriage.

Oct 2

they won’t. Remember, the thing fueling anti-mask protest is fear. People are terrified of the notion that an invisible disease can cut you down, so they double down on conspiracy theories or anything that says they don’t. have to be afraid.

So if he really did get it? Oh it’s not that big of a deal.

And (god hoping) he Read more

Sep 30

It was a win for Biden, by leaps and bounds. He spoke clearly and passionately to the people in the face of an angry lunatic.

Sep 28

Talladega Nights somehow became the F1 weekend classic between me and my pals when we show up to races together. A bottle of shitty wine, cheap Indian food, and Talladega Nights. It's a no-fail recipe for a hell of a good time.

Sep 8

It’s pretty insane when you have to maintain 80 MPH just to keep up with the flow of traffic; especially the limit is 65 MPH. It’s even more insane when your on a motorcycle and people pass you on the right at over 100 MPH! ...Forking iceholes.

Sep 8

Would excessive speeding like this be reduced if all speed limits were based on some sort of scientifically-based actual safe traveling speed, rather than having areas of arbitrary reduced limits, seemingly for no reason other than revenue generation? Read more

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