I’d forgotten about her other kid standing on his (service?) dog until just now. This woman is an extremely shitty parent. Read more

I’m guessing by “we” “Mr. Know It All” means him, and his tiny penis, and occasionally his mom who ventures reluctantly into his dank and pungent basement bedroom to deliver him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crusts cut off.
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I need to grow up because I asked who you mean by “we”? If you think she's so immature and insane, why are you bothering to respond? Read more

How exactly is a donation in his name “harassment”? Read more

Sometimes, it’s really hard not to, and there are some good ones out there. :/
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I am going to go out on a limb and guess that by “we”, Mr. Know It All means MRA douche canoes who have google alerts for any articles on Jezebel about rape, abuse or murder of women. There are always a certain number of them polluting the site with #whataboutthemenz
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Not every one of us, I hope. But after this, I wouldn’t blame you. Read more

Barack Obama works at the white house. Oops, I doxed him. Read more

Honor killings committed by women are still committed for the benefit of men though. Let’s stop pretending that partriarchy is an abstract force that possesses people and recognize it for what it is: a system that works for a lot of people, and that a lot of people have a vested interest in perpetuating. Read more

I agree with all of that.
I believe the patriarchy disproportionately hurts, abuses and kills women.
I’m arguing the insidiousness of the patriarchal system oppresses women into complying and becoming perpetrators.
I saw, shared and agree wholeheartedly with that article. Read more

Ummm.... I found his address by googling it. Because he is a public servant. PUBLIC. Unlike, I assume, you or I. I saved people one step. Read more

Dude, I don’t think you get to police the response of the oppressed to their ongoing oppression, ESPECIALLY as an ally.
Dialogue? Sure.
Empathise? Yeah babe.
Police/gaslight? Nah mate. Read more

Agreed 100%. I’m not pulling a #notallmen here by any means. I’m devastated that it’s not just men though. The patriarchy is so insidious it gets under women’s skins and drives them to diabolical behaviour, and that devastates me :( Read more

At this very moment, so do I Read more

Wow. I wasn’t expecting this as the top comment. And I totally agree. :( Read more

Honestly even today after a winter in New England you’re so irritable you could almost accuse somebody of witchcraft just for the hell of it Read more

I get kinda angry at the modern Crowley-type faux witches hawking their wares in Salem. There were no witches in Salem, Danvers or anywhere else. They most especially didn’t follow the Victorian model of witchcraft that Crowley outlined. They also weren’t the hippie/goth earth wiccans either. As Schiff points out, Read more