Former Zara employee, here.

I think UO also got caught a while back doing the same thing. (I know Anthropologie has.) So I’m glad they’re doing it now, but I wonder how much of it was because they got flack for stealing previously? Read more

The victim’s letter addressed that and it’s awesome. Read more

“My son doesn’t eat chips with the same veracity any more, boohoo.” Read more

Also, this piece of the victim’s letter to Turner: Read more

For those in Santa Clara County!! Read more

But, y'know, only for twenty minutes or so...
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I guess that means I can beat on him for 20 minutes with a baseball bat and I shouldn’t face any serious consequences, right? Read more

That’s all the son thinks he did wrong too. He blames binge drinking and sexual promiscuity. Wonder where he got that. Read more

I drank a shit ton of wine last night and I managed not to rape anyone. Read more

I don’t know where you are, but women’s centers and sexual assault centers always need money. Politicians always need letters demanding statutes of limitations be struck for sexualized violence, that meaningful laws be passed regarding campus rape. And the judge in this case is up for re-election on Tuesday. You could Read more

This is obscene. I will tell you, as a survivor who has continually struggled to form meaningful relationships in the 13 years since I’ve been raped, still has anxiety attacks, still has not had a serious relationship with a partner, rape can be a lifelong sentence for victims. I persevere and am fortunate to have had Read more

This is appalling. Disgusting. I can’t even fathom all this bullshit and the gross negligence of trying to pin this on something as commonplace as getting a little too drunk. It’s unconscionable. Read more

“It’s not like he was raping her for days, you know? He’s not some kind of sexual pervert. It was just a good-natured drunken mistake. Like that one time when I went to our neighboring college and stole their mascot. OOOHBOY WAS THAT A NIGHT! But should that be held against me for my whole life? No, and my father took Read more

This makes me so angry I can barely breathe. Hey Shitbag! This is 1/1000th of what it’s like to live with being raped EXCEPT YOU FUCKING DID IT. Read more

Yeah. Fuck that guy. Now we know where the kid gets the entitled, irresponsible attitude. Read more

Men will NEVER admit they are the most dangerous threat to other people in this world. Not all of them, of course, but men in general have caused fare more deaths than any woman, child, or animal (except maybe mosquitos!) . Whether it’s their egos or greed, they seem to be the root of most evil. They’re the ones Read more

Guess what? #thisiswhywestillneedfeminism Read more