Sep 16

Kinda looks Final Witcher 3 to me. Little sad that Final Fantasy continues to become more and more action game and lose even more of it's RPG roots.

Sep 16

The desaturation of color in Final Fantasy seems to correlate quite nicely with its lost sense of whimsy. I miss the days of IX.

Sep 14

Watch the video of her watching Grohl’s response. Her excitement after the song ends — she dances around her room and then runs to hug her dad — is lovely. Shes the good stuff when we have too much the bad stuff. 

Sep 7

The goddamned snapchat ads as long as two phone screens, the ads that pop up OVER THIS BOX AS I TYPE A COMMENT, the ads that masquerade as articles... you mean those ones?

Aug 28

 Two dozen cars with this contact phone number appear on the by-owner side of Craigslist. Shaving off the rather thin disguise of the phone number leads to a dealership called SD GT Auto Boutique. Whether it’s the business as a whole or an enterprising individual salesman, I dunno; but either way, we are looking at a Read more

Aug 14

The Titan is not comfortable. It seems to just craddle you in a way where it ensures you have support. I say this as a compliment. I sit in it and I feel nothing. No pain. But also not relaxing comfort like a couch or a lounger would provide. I could nap in it, though.

Aug 10

No, a gun is a weapon just like a knife. You don’t need to “load” the knife. Having a legally possessed weapon, in whatever condition, does not equal intent to do anything. Read more

Aug 6

Well here’s the thing: These people don’t really have experience of black people being blatantly oppressed because there are no black people around them generally. They’re poor white people who have not had easy lives but also can’t really put themselves in the shoes of black people and think that their lives would be Read more

Aug 1

When I was your age, we had to jerk off with rotary phones. And just a few generations ago, if you wanted to jerk off, you had to go wait in line at the telegram office. 

Jun 29

When you say things like “The obusifcation doesn’t happen until the data hits the VPN server,” then no - I don’t think you know how it works...  Read more

When you say things like “The obusifcation doesn’t happen until the data hits the VPN server,” then no - I don’t

Jun 26

You...don’t know how this works, do you ? 

You...don’t know how this works, do you ? 

Jun 11

That’s it. No more cars. It’s not worth the headache.” - Ford, in the near future.

Oct 12 2017

I’ve never liked my balls to be played with. There’s a perfectly good dick right next to them, try that.