Josh Holbrook
May 9 2018

I google “Univision” every day hoping to see an article like this. How did I miss this yesterday?? Read more

May 3 2018


May 3 2018

Testing out source tagging on deals links in comments don’t mind me deals.kinja.com/fridays-best-deals-winter-gear-philips-hue-starter-ki-1821117276

Jan 25 2018

I’m interested to see what Google Optimize offers, and especially if it’s compatible with tag manager (since experiments isn’t, at least not on the server side) and that’s driven a lot of our analytics setup

Dec 18 2017

Do you honestly — honestly — think the Republicans are concerned about “going on record” against net neutrality? They’re already on record. They couldn’t care less about it, and most of their constituents couldn’t care less about it either. If they aren’t bothered by going on record gutting healthcare for millions of Read more

Jul 28 2017

Hi Josh,

Thank’s a lot for your solution with bash, I wasn’t uderstanding why my sh never worked with conda.
I don’t now if it’s ok for you but I needed to add the option --file in the conda env create
RUN [”conda”, “env”, “create”, “--file”, “environement.yml”] Read more