Jester David
Feb 16

Is it too much to ask them to bring in Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer and finally make right the wrongs the comics did to Kate all those years ago? Or has there been too much baggage from Alex/Maggie?

Feb 12

I’m not going out of my way to defend the scene in question, because it was definitely weird, but I could absolutely see Capaldi’s doctor doing the same thing, particularly in his first series.

Feb 12

As someone socially awkward that never knows what to say until after the conversation has ended, I found The Doctor’s response honest, open, and refreshing. Instead of giving Graham platitudes that mean nothing, she let him know she was listening but didn’t have the words he wanted to hear. At least she listened and Read more

Feb 11

According to the outlet, this new take will “introduce an iconic new slasher for the digital age in a world where internet urban legends are born and move at a terrifying pace.” Read more

Feb 10

I have the same problem with Top Gear. My six year old son and I watch the re-runs on BBC America and it’s great. We can’t watch the Grand Tour or anything they do on Amazon because they drop F-bombs and other profanities in every episode. I love streaming services but this is probably the one thing I miss from Read more

Feb 10

I think less profanity works better for the types of stories Trek tells anyway. Star Trek always follows professionals of the highest caliber at their jobs. Read more

Feb 10

Very much appreciate this sentiment concerning language usage in Star Trek. Star Trek has always been about rising above, improving oneself and society. Yes, in life people use curse words but I personally try to refrain, if for no other reason than I’d rather my children not speak this way. I try to instill in my youn Read more

Feb 5

This is a prank, right? They’re not seriously following up FFX with FFX-2, right? They have to know, RIGHT?!

Feb 4

...and I was fine with seeing spoilers before watching it!

(Yes, I did watch it before writing this post, if that’s not obvious)

Feb 4

I liked him better when he got a job as a journalist in our cyberpunk dystopia. 

Feb 4

I mean, isn’t this essentially exactly what happened in Moranis’ real life?