Jess, Queen of the Raptors
Dec 4 2018

No, this is precisely what this veil was created to do. That is it’s purpose. Go forth and conquer, you big beautiful spider you.

Nov 30 2018

You’ll be amused to know that even though this post is now 5 years old, someone went on a SPREE yesterday calling all of us loser assholes! I’m decidedly amused, rather than annoyed.

Jan 17 2018

I’d agree with that. I think a lot of people look back on that time period and romanticize people like Georgiana, forgetting that while it IS a seriously gilded cage, she also had almost no power, authority, or control over her life and the lives of her children. That scene was there to emphasize that, because modern Read more

Jan 10 2018

Oh my god do I want to someday be able to tell people that I’m “morally opposed to all forms of gainful employment”. That’s amazing and I’m torn between hysterical laughter and abject awe.

Oct 5 2017

So my colleague and I basically have free reign over the swag we order for my company. I’m both taking notes and feeling pretty fucking smug about what we already have on hand. We’ve got phone chargers that also work as phone stands and HOT DAMN they’re popular.

Sep 27 2017

Oh agree, I either want Rey to not end up with anyone cause she ain’t got time for that, or with the two of them. But that’s for purely selfish reasons. You make otherwise excellent points.

Sep 26 2017

Oh my god I saw this on Facebook the other day and about died of cute and happiness and joy. THE COW TOTALLY THINKS HE’S A PUPPY.

Sep 26 2017

OMG I love all of them and need to squeeze themmmmm and boop their noses! Sad owl looks so sad! C’MERE LET ME LOVE YOU.

Sep 26 2017

Google Calendar is basically my primary relationship at this point, to be honest. It’s a little insane. But we make it work! I definitely make a point to schedule time with my friends outside of the boys, relationships of ALL kinds need nurturing to survive!

Sep 26 2017

I know, right?! And yeah, it certainly feels like 2010 is “the old days” now, though I didn’t start getting actively involved until like, 2011/12. Yikes!