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We need a new RFK. This is in my mind the finest speech ever given... in South Africa in 1966 he identifies all the issues we face and sadly we still face most of them.

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Excerpt from the Ike speech linked below  quite amazing how far the Republicans have moved from Ike

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His first speech as president is also extraordinary in its hope for peace

Try living in Tennessee where all U-turns are illegal by default, unless posted that they are allowed. Everywhere else I’ve lived the U-turn is legal unless a sign says you can’t. Read more

It’s amazing that assault isn’t a crime in ice Read more

The desert s to the west of the Andes

She won by being a moderate and tried her best to not even say she’s a Democrat. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, Read more

Agreed, she ran as a moderate in a very conservative state. As Reagan used to say if there with me 80 percent of the time that’s good enough. Now I’m far more progressive than she is and think the wall is beyond stupid but she simply would not have won running as a super liberal. I’m for electing the most proegersive Read more

Those test pilots are stupid brave Read more

I think the point is that the winters are warmer which keeps the spiders saliva in marginal climates.  Read more

I’d say you are a pretty edge case of an exception Read more

This is the dumbest thing I’ve read today, congrats Read more

Is that after gas, tires, brakes, maintenance, depreciation, etc? What about time waiting for a customer or driving a distance to pick someone up. Plus insurance and higher chance of an accident? I’m thinking if you aren’t strictly accounting for these costs that you’re actually making quite a bit less over any Read more

Many, most?, special offers from dominos are partially financed by corporate by discounting food costs for those deals Read more

I know a doctor who can’t legally be drug tested at work because his employment contract prevents it. Same doctor must test ER patients if the company they were working for when they had the accident has an agreement with the hospital lol Read more

The Honda parts didn’t break though Read more