I feel like it’s more of a...We don’t want to admit there will be a massive shortage of consoles at launch, due to the ongoing pandemic... but there’s going to be a massive shortage of consoles available at launch due to the ongoing pandemic” and they’re probably just trying to get consoles in to the hands of actual Read more

But my PC can finally run the original... Read more

First thing I would do is bring back the AI squad when playing solo from Wildlands. Read more

I bought Breakpoint, and I would be thrilled if they just re-implemented my AI squad from Wildlands, and the ability to summon vehicles. With those two things, I would enjoy this game so much more. Read more

Is there a reason the base needs to be made of like a firm rubber? Read more

It’s not as popular critically speaking, 90% of the people I know that play FF games have always said it’s their least favorite. Read more

Yeah, that’s the theory he mentioned in the video. Read more

Final Fantasy fan that constantly asked where a FF8 release was after every other game kept getting released, checking in. Read more

I know plenty of people who have done that in the past, they’re not always suicidal, most often people think they know their limits or think there’s no way it would happen to them. Read more

It’s possible there is plenty of blame to go around. Yes, Skaggs deserves blame for taking drugs, but also, if possible to hold the person enabling him accountable, you should do that as well. Read more

Beyond the physical nature of the game, and the inevitable injuries, Football has to be the worst sport to be involved in, because for some reason it’s convinced everyone involved, or anyone who wants to be involved, that they just have to work harder and longer. Read more

I agree 2K micro transactions are by far the absolute worst I can think of in console gaming. Read more

Matt Stafford and throwing side-armed passes into the ground or the back of his offensive line on 3rd and Long, name a more iconic duo. Read more

I just told them that the left joy con has drift, and the right joy con was fine was fine. Just figured I would trade both in and get a colorful set of joy cons. Read more

Nah, the people falling off of 2K will either be sick of basketball games, or simply not interested in playing an inferior basketball game. I got the last two NBA Live games bundled with the rest of the EA sports games, they’ve just been awful. Read more

I got my switch about a month after launch, started experiencing Joy-Con drift a few months ago, so I just traded them in at gamestop and bought a new pair like I’ve done with every other console controller when it starts having issues. Haven’t really seen it as anything to lose my shit over like everyone seems to be Read more

There’s no way they gun down a million people. Read more

Same. I’ve pretty much never watched any tennis outside of the semi-finals or finals of a major, and I only watch them if there’s some combination of these guys playing each other. Read more

Anyone remember that time Kobayashi competed against a bear in a hot dog eating contest? The bear dominated. Read more

Same, grew up in south eastern Kentucky, with family a few hours away on the other side of the smoky mountains in NC, loved my childhood. Going back to visit now, it’s nothing but racists, meth heads, and racist meth heads all the way down. Read more