Jan 31

In case you are wondering how Han survived the crash in F3 (spoiler alert, lol). It was all a trick to decive your eyes. Otherwise known as... Read more

Dec 3

If a single piece of food was acquired from outside the car or if anyone peed outside the vehicle, there’s room for improvement. Seems like the pinnacle would be having some of those support people waiting at the pumps to fill your tank asap. Those pit stops COMPLETELY DESTROY YOUR PACE PLEASE JUST GET BACK IN THE CAR Read more

Oct 21

What’s important to me is being able to open an article in Jalopnik without a video autoplaying.

May 8 2019

Even during a strike, they drive in both lanes and can’t decide where they are going. Just pick a lane. 

May 1 2019

Lol, I think we’re all better off with this new experimental Aston. It seems like they woke up one day and realized most of their clientele were dying off and they needed to appeal to young money. 

Apr 30 2019

Behold, the 2023 Ford Ecanoline!!!

Apr 12 2019

I guess those cops really hate fast food.

Mar 27 2019

I don’t know what you are talking about. These cars are awesome. ALL CARS ARE AWESOME. ALL HAIL OUR NEW USED CAR OVERLORDS. Read more

Mar 27 2019

Does anyone else feel like we are getting punked this week? Is there a syndicate of backroom users creating fake ads and feeding them to Rob? 

Mar 22 2019

When you really wanted a Unimog but wanted to keep things a little more affordable.

Feb 20 2019

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m so against this. The average American driver can’t handle a car above 45 let alone 100. Read more

Feb 20 2019

Yeah, no, I don’t trust 99% of my fellow american drivers remotely enough for this. 

Feb 20 2019

If this happens, they’ll need to introduce a massive re-education campaign. American drivers don’t have the same discipline (and courtesy) that German drivers do.

Oct 15 2007

Holy shit, I am so in awe of these guys I don't even know what to say.