jennyapples classic
11:29 AM

I’m genuinely worried about both possible extremes: that either this woman becomes a fucked-up poster child for identity politics, with a column in the New York Times and a bestselling memoir, or she ends her life with two handfuls of pills and a bottle of bourbon. Both would be fucking dreadful. Read more

1:39 PM

My mom had me and my two sisters close together (18 months and 20 months) apart because she wanted us to be close in age. If we were close in age to each other, we could wear each other’s clothes, go to the same schools at the same time, she wouldn’t have to put baby stuff in storage and being close in age usually Read more

1:26 PM

Wait: 18 months between births or pregnancies? Two different things.

2:16 PM

Eh. She does look silly, but I think she's been pretty open about her struggle with anxiety and depression. I work in entertainment, and am frequently photographed and filmed. I don't really hate my looks - like I certainly did when I was younger - but a bad, unflattering photo can make me uptight and anxious, Read more

3:24 PM

kim isn't a genius, but can we stop acting like she's an idiot? you don't turn a leaked sex tape into a massive business empire by being an idiot- and before anyone complete loses their shit and tells me NO SHE HAS PPL FOR THAT- fucking look me in the eye and find me a huge success story that doesn't have 'people.' Read more

2:55 PM

Yes, normal. It's a general "rule" that it can take a healthy couple up to a year of trying before they're told to see someone about looking into infertility. Really, it can take longer than that, but that's just the limit on when it's advised to see a specialist. If the woman is 35 or older, they recommend 6 Read more

3:35 PM

1. Because twitter is the medium through which all of this started, and the only one where it can be guaranteed Iggy would see his message. Read more

2:31 PM

Q-Tip is WELL over the age of 25. He's using an effective medium. And Jezebel put it into a nice little essay form for you, so I don't see what the problem is.

1:50 PM

Honestly, to me this isn't even about Iggy. I'm hoping that now a black man has taken a stand against her bullshit, other men in the industry will say something too. Because they didn't listen to Banks, or Solange or Remy or any of the women who've been calling her out for AGES now.

1:42 PM

I mean, I hope not. But it is possible. However, he's educating everyone reading his tweets so that's good too, right?