this entire article has me double taking every other scroll. Did Diddy get thicccccccccc? Oh no, that’s not Diddy. Who is that?  Read more

jezebel really went down hill after the big drama. now it’s a lot of homophobic/cunty remarks.  Read more

haha but doesn’t the shouldn’t...imply the can... Read more

but can you tongue and cheek when it’s not about your culture/race?  Read more

It’s also overkill. I used to spend way too much money on my skin, using a million different oils and creams and serums. Read more

I didn’t even catch that. Weird thing to say about a dog Read more

me too! I also love all of us for giving enough flying fucks to comment here!  Read more

I wondering if sucking on the egg would have any benefits? Read more

I am ready for this, emotionally, spiritually-all of the allys in fact. I think Skaarsgard (can’t be bothered to remember where the extra As go) makes it his own with his oddball voice and Buscemi eyes.  Read more

I accidentally made myself a pot of decaf this morning, and I'm definitely missing the anal lube joke.  Read more

I wish people would just let Elizabeth Warren go.  Read more

I feel like drugging someone and robbing them is pretty shitty and worth a mention.  Read more

Sooooo, are we just going to ignore the drugging and robbing men stuff? Read more

Man, this one sucks. He seemed like a nice, normal guy.  Read more

Life is such a fucked up cunt right now, I think people in general want to take mental breaks. You know, focus on someone else’s train wreck? The Kardashians used to put me to sleep many moons ago. Now I’m rewatching Gossip Girl for sweet dreams. You want to see some serious, important shit, go a few stories down. Read more

not weird! I never dreamed about getting married. it was more of a “do I have to?” thought Read more