Jul 1 2018

As a sole PS4 player, I’m only seeing cross play for Minecraft and Fortnite...maybe Rocket League but I’m absolutely STRUGGLING to understand the need to have Sony install this on the PS4.
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Apr 21 2018

Women play games. Women enjoy playing games. Women play games that are inclusionary and do not exclude them. Excluding half the population from one of your main revenue streams is not the best business model. Read more

Apr 21 2018

Young men who want to date older women have their own agency. You’re being overly cautious or even paranoid by assuming that they’ll be harmed in some way by literally getting what they want.

Apr 20 2018

Those farmville demographics also tend to be the mobile gamers (yes, they are gamers, they play games). You know what games can be most effectively monetised and make the most money in the industry? Hint, it’s not the consol ‘real games’ that people like to use as justification for exclusionary practices. Read more

Apr 19 2018

I can understand a company not wanting to be seen to be associated with an organization that supports suppression of or hatred toward any kind of person.

What I cannot understand is the absolute imbalance in combing women’s Twitter/Facebook/social media feeds for any reference to Feminism in general—and I definitely Read more

Apr 2 2018

I think you’re missing my point. It’s not about women’s individual responses to a stupid prank, we’re all entitled to our feelings. I’m bothered by the norm that you are pushing — where you’ve prioritized the feelings of a small and relatively privileged group of people such that a prank that actually has nothing to Read more

Mar 23 2018

Life rule #1, you never ever criticize somebodies tattoo or baby. You just don’t. The ONLY acceptable response is “nice” and move on. What exactly do you get out of saying “That permanent thing on your back is hideous” or “Maaaan that baby is ugly”. Nothing but pain.

Mar 6 2018

But drag has always been and will always be intertwined with the trans community. It’s a safe and welcoming place for people to experiment, explore and express gender. It seems unfair to cut the trans community out now that both drag and trans identity have a place in the mainstream. They should continue to support Read more

Mar 6 2018

Ru’s version of drag isn’t the definitive version of drag any more than McDonald’s is the definitive version of a hamburger. Drag has a rich history in the LGBT community across many different kinds of bodies and identities, and the idea that an art form that is supposed to be subversive and transgressive has a “only Read more

Mar 6 2018

RuPaul is just trying to protect his brand. He’s taken a very queer, diverse art style that spans many genders, sexes, and gender identities and created a processed, mass-produced, particular style of “McDrag” for his target audience of cishet women who just want to see men act as flamboyantly faggy as possible. Read more

Dec 15 2017

Insane fans is right. Holy shit, I love every time Jez posts like half a sentence critical of Swift and they flock into the comments with such hot, culturally relevant takes that boil down: Read more

Dec 15 2017

This has probably been said but I don’t think the Taylor backlash is all that surprising. I’m a 30 something black woman, so not her demographic but I kinda root for her. By all accounts outside of the Kanye nonsense she’s a kind, generous and thoughtful person, and since my twenties weren’t that long ago, I feel for Read more

Dec 15 2017

Yes, anyone who thinks Taylor Swift is incredibly contrived and not singing about her real feelings only thinks that because they are miserable. Read more