Hope is not Lost
12/16/16 5:43PM

so are you mad that a black actor was then cast in place of a white guy or nah? Just curious where your outrage is at on this. Read more

12/16/16 5:43PM

She has connections to a different culture, whatever. The point is Swinton made an honest and well-intentioned attempt to understand this issue and was not rude or offensive about it at all. And Cho shat on her publicly for no good reason.

12/16/16 5:30PM

Yes, Margaret Cho is an awful person. That’s what you’re missing.

12/16/16 5:25PM

Being white means nothing in this situation. Here was one human being trying to earnestly relate to another human being of a different culture, and then said other person went on to be a two-faced ass about it for no reason.

12/16/16 12:34PM

Amy Schumer has loads of problematic stuff about her but her worst sin is being painfully unfunny.

12/15/16 6:29PM

Well our head of state is an accident of birth and our first female head of state (that was accepted by everyone, because I’d argue Matilda was but she never got to really rule) was 1558 so I don’t think the gender of our head of state has much to do with how progressive or not we are. Read more

12/15/16 6:26PM

You are not very up to speed on UK Conservatives - remember, they’re the party who has now provided two female Prime Ministers, legalised gay marriage, banned handguns, and introduced legislation to give women the vote. It’s nowhere near as socially conservative as US conservatives, and in some cases it’s to the left Read more

12/14/16 2:18PM

You mean the villian that could have sent Stark the video via Youtube or a hundred other ways and skipped most of the plot?

12/14/16 2:13PM

As soon as I saw Swiss Army Man on the list, I had to check who wrote this. I try to be positive about things, but the constant praise over such an unappealing film is getting tiring. I just can’t agree with that entry. Read more

12/14/16 1:27PM

it would be lit if the US could accept the responsibility we have in helping destabilize the region but no, never bring up how Afghanistan or Iran used to be

12/14/16 10:34AM

“Are you truly incapable of shame? Is there literally nothing that can shame you? Is there no act of barbarism against civilians, no execution of a child that gets under your skin?” Read more