JD Drewlinger
Jan 6

The first time I remember this move was the John Demjanjuk case throughout the 80s and into the early 2000s. He was a retiree from Cleveland who was accused of being Ivan the Terrible. He wasn’t convicted of that, but there is pretty solid evidence that he was a Nazi guard at a couple of concentration camps.* As his Read more

Nov 27

Best Christmas song: Last Christmas - Wham!

Nov 21

We once had a bachelor party for Baby Yoda. He ate the entire cake before we could tell him there was a stripper in it.

Nov 8

Point to the spot on this Goo-Goo Doll where the man said he’d give up forever to touch you. 

Oct 30

Of course you feel that way, you have two ears and a heart don’t you?

Oct 29

While I may not agree, I accept your position. You dirty SOB...

Oct 29

I feel like venture capitalists would consider theft a sport, right?

Oct 28

I was thinking this the whole time he was talking. Take a couple quick shots, maybe sideline routes? You’re not going for the TD, you’re going for a few positive yards to set up the chip shot. It is true that Trubisky sucks, but an incomplete doesn’t get you into clock trouble.

Oct 28

No football team has ever gained yardage on a running play when the other team knew they were running. Nagy was billed as some sort of fucking offensive genius and he can’t call a play in that situation to get them a few more yards?

Oct 28

Have you met the quarterback?

Oct 27

Damn. Where’s Reggie Jackson when you need him 

Oct 22

Adam Gase’s beard is the male coach’s equivalent of the Elizabeth Holmes voice, right? 

Oct 21

“It takes you back to being a kid: You’re out there, you’re sloshing around and your shoes are full of water and mud,” Richard Sherman said. “It’s still a kid’s game at the end of the day.” Read more

Oct 16

It looked like some kind of, I don’t know, fire drill perhaps?

Oct 14

Your 2nd quotation mark belongs outside of the question mark. Read more

Oct 14

I am the son of an avid reader and English teacher who corrected my grammar my whole life. “Swang” made me glitch up, but I don’t care any more, now that I'm a grown orphan. We know what you mean. Godspeed! 

Oct 2

Ain’t no Cousins apologizing for butt stuff down here.
Read more

Jun 7 2017

I star this and then unstar this so that I may star this again.

Jun 19 2014

Ha, yeah, the one thing that rainbow-cake comment section lacks is that one guy who feels the need to let everybody know that he couldn't be bothered to read the whole article.