Crazy car dream last night

Last night I dreamed that I invented a beverage that you could share with your car. It was served in a mug, and had a hot chocolate type feel to it, and was topped with whipped cream. But you could also put it in your engine, so that you and your car could share the experience together and bond over it or whatever.


My "New Doug" Cover Letter

I’m the right guy for this job. Cars have been my profession since way back in the 1900s when I used get douched with oil every day for a few bucks an hour. Now I have an office job in an automobile showroom that looks like the lobby of the Ritz Carlton, and a strong desire to tell stories about stupid stuff and make…

Cars on Campus

What could possibly be the story behind this truck? How did it get this way? Why would someone name it “The Green Bean”? Who stenciled “puppy” on the white fender? Does it have an engine? Is the bed even attached? Does someone have a current viable plan to justify its existence? What in the actual hell is going on…