V12 Jake II- New and Improved!
3:31 PM

Do you think the quality of service lived up to the Lexus reputation? I have been disappointed every time I’ve taken my cars there, the people at the Mercedes dealer are usually significantly more friendly.

11:40 PM

Hey, that’s where I get my LS and LX serviced! I have them looking for a saddle leather LS430 for me still, but they seem to be pretty crazy rare.

11:59 AM

I had an LS430, but I totaled it last fall unfortunately. Still have the S600 and LS400 though, along with an LX470 that I replaced the LS430 with. 

1:55 PM

Definitely. Based on how the new Continental and Flying Spur look I have high hopes for the Mulsanne replacement so long as they don’t go full EV right out of the gates. 

6:46 PM

Do you think the low voltage from the slow discharge could have led to the other weird issues? I know when the battery in my S600 was dying there was lots of weird issues that were resolved when I replaced the battery. 

11:58 PM

The power steering and hydraulic suspension issues are (probably) interlinked. The PS pump is also the pump for the suspension so when it goes bad the suspension basically locks itself into regular ride height mode and runs home to mother. Does the car also ride like a tuna boat?

12:57 AM

Is there any good way to filter out American made pumps on eBay? I’m not averse to spending oem money, I just want a product that’s going to last, and obviously saving money is always a good thing. 

11:16 PM

Hello Bylan, I feel like I recognize the name from somewhere but I can’t be sure. Do you have any recommendations on a source for quality parts, I’m in the middle of overhauling my 97 LS400 and I’m struggling to decide on which brand I should use for the power steering pump. 

8:26 PM

No, but in my effort to rid myself of google’s services I switched my default browser to Duck Duck Go, which wouldn’t let me sign into kinja with a google account, which is what my OG account was linked to. Now I have a Twitter based account but I needed to get authorship approved. 

9:06 AM

Those 430 wheels are pretty hard to find for under a 1000 a pop unless you want reproduction wheels. At least they were when I was looking last year. 

6:42 PM

That’s pretty awesome to hear, I’ve been lusting after 1GZ Centuries all week so you’ll have to snap a few while you’re there!

10:42 PM

Just enjoying the weather we’re having in MN. It was 70 and sunny all day, so I went for a little drive. I had summer tires put on the LS this week and it’s incredible the difference it makes.