Nov 12

I’m pretty sure the worst that can happen, is I get deaded. Nonetheless, I don’t ride when the temperature is below 40. That’s when the pain of the cold overpowers the fun of riding. It's 8 degrees F out there right now. 

Jul 14

The Jeep thing was inside her from birth. She’s always been obsessed with them. I explained to her that it was a Bronco, Ford's competitor to the Jeep. A little bit after I took that picture, a JKU pulled in next to the Bronco. She then said, "So that's a Jeep Jeep, right?"

Jun 21 2019

Well, it’s as settled as it's going to be. Nobody got hurt. Taking the truck to Road America tomorrow!

Jun 4 2019

My mind was blown by the fly over this year. My buddies and I were screaming like crazy.