May 18

‘friends of mara’ also feels very much like a ‘friends of dorothy’ reference, which is an old lgbt saying to indicate their status without risk of getting murdered or arrested.

May 4

OMG it didn’t even occur to me that Sabine could also be on The Mandalorian. That would be amazing.

May 1

Because you want the service to be there for you to use when you actually require it.

Apr 21

But that’s just a sign of how crazy the workings of our “futures” market is--it is not, as it is usually described, about purchasers being able to order oil in advance at a predictable price, its about middle-men gambling on the price of oil until the last moment when they make sales to the actual users of oil. And Read more

Feb 25

It’s not often that the creator of something is wrong about his own creation. Read more

Jan 22

I agree. We saw him show some humor and sympathy on “Rebels”. I want to see more of his crimelord days implied by SOLO.

Nov 14

Agreed on HOAs, which is why I’d live in my car before living in one. That being said, I also can’t stand Christmas decorations, particularly before Thanksgiving. So I’m sort of at an impasse.

Sep 27 2019

I liked Superman Returns. Fight me.

Sep 18 2019

It’s some form of calculation error. 1/19/38 is a 32-bit integer max date. Read more

Sep 9 2019

Sir, I’d like to speak to the manager about your EGREGIOUS rankings on the A-Wing.

Aug 29 2019

You’d be right, if you expect Classic to -maintain- this level of interest. Read more

Aug 29 2019

Is no one going to mention what looks like an already broken pane of glass in the background? This apparently isn’t the little maniac’s first rodeo.

Aug 10 2019

Note to the guards: Suicide watch does not mean, “watch someone commit suicide.”