Jayne Allyson
4:47 PM

Reminder: The North is just as full of racist fuckwads—the only difference is that the South openly embraces its racist heritage, whereas the North tries to pretend it’s somehow better.

Source: Kentucky transplant to the Great Lakes region. I’ve heard the n-word bandied about more up here than I ever heard it back in Read more

12:53 PM

Yeah, I thought Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! said it pretty well on the show yesterday: when someone crashes a car into your house, you don’t fix it by crashing another, nicer car into it.

12:12 PM

Bitcoin has no inherent value to it as no one actually trades with it, nor will anyone ever trade in it. Therefore, it is solely used as an investment vehicle. The only way it works as an investment vehicle is if more people buy in after you, thereby increasing the demand/price. If you came in at the beginning you are Read more

10:42 PM

The only reason they probably did out this story is because they heard that Veritas was doing just that and decided to nip that shit in the bud.

11:07 PM

Let’s not pretend this is a story of unfairness, except for her unconsented outing. The rest, all the electoral defeats through the years, are the result of the democratic process working as intended. Garrison is a Republican transwoman who is against gay marriage and abortion rights. Neither Conservatives - to whom Read more

8:33 PM

If Martin Sheen is anything other than the avuncular president Bartlett of my imagination, I will have no choice but to...idk, I guess cry a whole lot.

11:15 AM

No wonder Uber is upset. This must be very disruptive to their business.

8:17 AM

I got a Criminal Justice degree in the late 90's. Before 9/11 we all thought the Future of Policing was going to be sunshine and rainbows with cops handing out candy to children and able to talk the most vicious spree killer into peacefully giving up. Read more

7:04 PM

My stepmom is there right now with Hillary Clinton. Wanted Joe Biden to run, voted for Bernie in the primaries, voted for Hillary in the general so begrudgingly because she “just doesn’t trust her.” Never mind that the three of them voted together over 90% in the Senate and Joe Biden is actually MORE conservative in Read more

1:35 PM

Also double-click sleep/wake for Apple Pay. (Same as double-click home today.)

1:10 PM

it’s a look and a swipe. so if you just want to check the time, face ID may be activated, but it won’t take you to the home screen until you swipe.

1:02 PM

It wouldn’t “unlock” in the sense you’re thinking when you look at it. It doesn’t open the phone to the home screen. You need to swipe up for that. The look only unlocks the ability to open the phone