Jay Hathaway
10/08/15 11:42AM

The PS4 has gotten discounted to $350 regularly for over a year, so be sure to wait for a deal on this new base price if you’re looking to buy.

10/08/15 9:35AM

A point that a fair number of readers seem not to be getting is this: The problem isn’t that journalists made jokes about a grim story. The problem is that they based their jokes on pretty much all the facts and backstory of the story except for the single most salient and chronically overlooked one, and in so doing Read more

10/05/15 2:15PM

They’re giving out practice squad trophies in Miami no wonder the team is bad at football they’ve been coddled and hugged and told they were special by their handlers and personal assistants in my day the only personal assistant a quarterback had was his conscience and if any scrub player picked him off in practice, Read more

10/01/15 12:17PM

At least Ms. Sacco now understands that even white people can get ads from other people.

8/24/15 2:07PM

Well, I know it’s going to be easy to criticize this guy and everything he did but, in fairness, I think he did a great job directing Argo.

6/11/15 5:11PM

god its been all over reddit today. i can’t even escape it in my normal, non-awful subreddits. Read more

5/17/15 9:25PM

Charlie Jane, I want to thank you and the rest of io9 for taking the high road on this and apologizing. Plagiarism is always a risk in media, especially when multiple writers are involved, and sites like Buzzfeed have just swept their incidents under the rug. Seeing you take action to protect the integrity of io9 Read more

5/13/15 11:40AM

You know, I’m sure you’re just trying to be snarky or ironic or whatever the kids are calling it these days, but I get what Earl Sweatshirt’s saying? Like how when you’re, like, nineteen, talking or joking about raping people might seem ~*~cool~*~ or **eDgY*~ but then you grow up and realize, nope, that shit’s Read more

4/24/15 1:18PM

How can you forget that we kill each other, over who’s god is best? To me, this is the number one reason why we are not unified as a planet. More people have died and suffered on this planet because of god, than for any other reason. This is true barbarianism and ignorance.

4/20/15 4:14PM

It’s optional. It is an optional feature. As a woman on Twitter who frequently tweets about feminism, my option will be not to turn it on, but I don’t understand why it’s a problem if other people choose to use a feature that’s made available.

4/20/15 4:13PM

It’s an opt-in, though. If you don’t want randos DMing you, just don’t enable the feature (I will not be).