Feb 14

Raise your hand if you think the I6 is completely unchanged and they just finally admitted the real power output of the engine.

Feb 13

There's one prime example of doing it right: the first MORTAL KOMBAT movie is amazing! The next, substantially less so.

Feb 12

I didn’t fill the edges, but I’ll bet NONE of you thought you could get two weapons-grade boxes of fireworks into the trunk of a C6 Corvette. And yes, I could still see out the back window. The trunk is seriously bathtub huge.

Feb 12

the interior looks like a 90's/early 2000's show car’s custom fiberglass sound system enclosure

Feb 6

“Much like with spouses, you shouldn’t marry someone just because they show interest. Look for a person’s character first and foremost.” Read more

Feb 5

This doesn’t sound like a very good idea to me. An integrated exhaust manifold sucks a lot of heat from the exhaust gasses. This of course helps the engine to warm up faster but after the engine is warmed up all of this heat has to be directed away using coolant. If they would be turbocharging this new engine the

Jan 16

This is the part that drives me crazy. Her mother told her she was part Cherokee. She believed it. I don’t understand why this is an issue. Plenty of people in this country think they are native, and they aren’t. I had a red-haired male colleague from Michigan tell me he was a minority because he was native. Men do Read more

Jan 16

Warren has been tagged a “liar” by the GOP for a while now. Any story on Fox is accompanied by dozens to hundreds of people calling her a liar. Read more

Dec 7

I know we all dislike Musk as a person... but imagine the implications for free speech in America: every time you call someone a shitty name on the internet... you could immediately be sued and be financially ruined.  That’s not consistent with free speech in a modern democracy.

Dec 5

6) Despite all that, I do still like a 6" BMT from time to time. Read more

Dec 1

The Chinook is nowhere near the biggest or baddest Helo on Earth (or slightly above it)

Nov 19

I would get the standard range RWD model in “iconic silver”

Nov 19

I mean this doesn’t even qualify as a spoiler:

Nov 17

Funny how everyone hated the Acura ZDX for being neither a wagon or an SUV. Yet this one is “stunning”?

Nov 14

SOMEONE didn’t grow up with Need for Speed 2 SE.

Nov 13

No more goddamn 4 door trucks. 

Nov 13

But what the hell is this thing?

Nov 8

I foster kittens for a local animal shelter. I pour a ton of time and emotion into raising them, and there’s at least one from each litter who I would love to keep as my own cat. But I don’t let myself do so because I know that if I accumulated more cats then (1) I’d not be able to give them each the attention they Read more

Nov 6

AFAIC, once you decide to jaywalk you should be considered at fault. People can't take any accountability anymore.