I am an unabashed Musk-ovite. Look: you don’t get transformative shit done unless you rock the status quo and offend some delicate sensibilities. Read more

You know he could have killed 2 birds with one stone by mixing the food coloring in the soy sauce.... Read more

There are experiences beyond yours, and they are equally interesting and valuable. Read more

That’s not the case on these cars. They all slowly turn over while miles are adding up. They don’t tick over to the next number after a revolution. Read more

30+ mpg hwy in a fulltime awd wagon that weighs 3600 lbs is pretty good, and dare I say above average for its category. Read more

I’ve seen my wife go through an entire can of Febreeze in the minivan after the dog let fly with a particularly nasty fart. It was so hard to drive with all the tears in my eyes. Not only from the Febreeze but from the fact it wasn’t the dog that had gas. Read more

As an old AND a person who has worked with electronics and sensors for 30 years, I would rather DRIVE MY FUCKING CAR and not rely on buggy equipment and software to do it for me Read more

IMHO, Singapore is on to something with public caning. Read more

These were 25,000 jobs paying an average of $150k. Understand what you are talking about before you comment. Read more

I believe so, I've known several people who had fractional interests in a small plane.  I'm sure the costs are proportional, but you're also gonna be negotiating/fighting for your preferred time slots.. Read more

At this point, you're paying for the land.  There's almost nothing worth saving about the crumbly block building with a leaky ceiling Read more

Fuck everyone involved in this story. Fucking morons. Read more

Um... I didn’t like his SW movie. It had nothing to do with any of the actors. I feel no anger about the film. I just didn’t like it. Read more

Sorry, Political rant..... I hate Trump just as much as anybody, but cash for clunkers perfectly embodied how the Obama administration quietly sucked. All their big plans; see Obamacare, Wall Street/Detroit bailouts, to go along with Cash for clunkers, looked good in the headlines but blew hairy balls in an ass Read more

It’s not every day where I laugh uncontrollably at the Interwebs. Today’s one of those days. Read more

What makes you think they are gay? Why can't a pair of men truly love and care about each other in a non romantic way and have it depicted in screen without it being anything more or less? Read more

The tattoo artist misspelled Unemployable, but it gets the message across. Read more

I think you mean 24our/7even Read more