Sep 28 2017

You’ve linked below to articles saying you could’ve prevented this if all states had mandatory vehicle safety inspections, but New Hampshire is one of the states that does have mandatory vehicle safety inspections. This accident occurred in New Hampshire and this truck was registered there, further proving the Read more

Jun 12 2017

Google’s co-founders brought about the idea of a dual-class structure, according to Backchannel, and it’s more or less moved into the mainstream for corporations.” Read more

Jun 6 2017

Once licensed, they will be attending the Skip Barber school for a more serious training. Read more

Mar 16 2017

Um heat kills lead-acid car batteries not cold. It just shows up in the more current demanding conditions of winter. Furthermore batteries are just plain made better and last longer these days. Lastly it’s been more than cold enough for weak batteries to fail. 

Jan 25 2017

“ A nuclear war will not end with one or two nukes being fired; it ends with all nukes being launched and the human race being wiped off the face of earth as a result” No.

Dec 28 2016

Being someone in America who stops to help, my experience has always been I’m far from the only one who stops to help. Lots of people stop to help in America.

Nov 10 2016

Gizmodo. The election is over. Please quit making political post. I’m ready to just get back to tech news. I don’t care or appreciate your one sided political view every time I get on this site. I came to Gizmodo for tech news and tech news on. Thanks

Nov 1 2016

Sounds more like we need more pipelines. Having 100 million drivers rely on a single point of failure for fuel delivery seems like a major issue.

Oct 19 2016

Now clean up your absolutely asinine use of statistics to only include approx. $100K cars driven mostly in California, and mostly in slowly moving traffic on freeways... Read more

Aug 24 2016

I would love to read the data behind this “study”. I am a drone pilot. I started with a Parrot AR Drone, then slowly worked my way up to the Phantom 2, then the DJI S900 and now I fly the Inspire 1. Read more