Just remember: a US Passport, or even a Passport Card meets the Real ID requirements, and you don’t have to go to the DMV for either Read more

Also important to note that there are Russians who have yachts that were not seized, because they do not directly benefit from ties to Putin/the war. Read more

“ABD” means “all but dissertation.” I’ll be a psychologist right after I’ve defended in early June, my chair willing. I’m just not about to come call myself a psychologist when I still have one degree requirement left (although per NYS law I was a psychologist for 12 months last year during my doctoral internship, Read more

One issue I have with this kind of conversation is that it always turns toward concern about demonizing video games. I realize that was a big issue throughout the 90s, when most of us were coming of age, but as much as anything is ever resolved, that’s been resolved. As a medium, video games are well entrenched. Read more

Trust you?  Shouldn’t you be showing us, as a Missourian?   Read more

Can you drop it off at my house? Read more

You’re not alone, I think most people shouldn’t lead a powerful country. Read more

It seems to me he’s having trouble dealing with the fact that the cars aren’t worth what he paid for them, which is somewhat understandable. But for someone who claims he cares about the cars, scrapping them instead of taking a small loss by selling them for what they’re now worth OBO (which is still more than scrap Read more

No no no, see this is about America winning and being great, not Canada and Mexico. Trump would never act impulsively against the countries best interests like that. Or maybe now he will claim Mexico has the money for that wall afterall. Read more

Up next: Trump signs 20% tax increase on all streaming media services to bring back Blockbuster Video store jobs. Read more

Starting a trade war with the US is also bad for the other country. You know that, right? Read more

Punching out a window is pretty impressive. Read more

13 owner here. car is slow, the leaky tail lights and the chirping pump are among the complaints I have, but handling was never one of them. It’s always handled perfectly. What it needs is an additional 50 hp.
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It is to control the tubulance of the many many cars passing you. Read more

The actual purpose of the wing is to add downforce when you go through a long sweeper at > 170 mph. So every time you have your Scion North of 170, if you feel any skitteshness in the back end, you should be wanting that wing. Read more

Quite frankly I’d prefer the dignity that comes with standing up to people attempting to take advantage of me than living the hollow life of a sated victim.
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So what if our poor have it better than 70% of the world. Should they not fight for a better life? Have you ever worked a union job? Despite what people think most union jobs people bust their butt and to hit 75k you are working a lot of overtime. Yes the insurance and pension benefits are great but those were hard Read more

And if you did that you’d still end up with utter confusion at the dealership where you were meant to meet Bob but Bob is out so here’s Ricky to help you with the Ford Fusion. Ricky introduces you to Stevo who has no idea you were visiting and says the car keys aren’t here for that car so can you come by tomorrow. You Read more