James Kearney
Sep 20 2019

Seems like this was about as successful as a Trump impeachment. 

May 18 2018

This marks the first time all year the clippers have gotten the better of an opposing point guard.

Jan 24 2018

The free samples are precisely why I hate going to Costco. I want to get the shit I need and leave. I don’t want to spend and extra 20 minutes doing it because of all the assholes who swarm the free samples and block the goddamn aisles with their shopping carts

Jan 16 2018

Sorry, hot water© is part of the premium package. Sign up now with Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage now to see if you qualify.

Jan 6 2017

They couldn’t reach agreeement on Hume’s first principles of the contents of the mind.

Apr 22 2016

If you watch the entire video, you’ll find out that it’s because one of the softball players is dead and this is Purgatory.

Apr 20 2016

I know you were trying to make things better with the video, but imagine the response if you had been holding the Australian Flag instead

Dec 27 2014

So many buttons. I'm still trying to figure out this one.

Jul 12 2013

That's actually offensive enough that someone may pursue legal action. If they use Bay-area lawyer Mi Su Yu, that station is fucked.