May 20 2019

That’s interesting for what it’s worth, but it doesn’t say anything about Eggers’ and Jaynes’ racial bias (or lack thereof).

May 20 2019

I’m from Midland and heard stories of friends who played pick-up ball against him when we were in middle and high school. You always support the kid who made it from your neck of the woods (or tri-city as it were). Read more

May 20 2019

Here’s something I never thought I’d say: His layups have been gorgeous these last few games. I’m not even normally a fan of layups. Is anybody? But they’ve been... Like, beautiful? Read more

May 19 2019

I did find him relatable during Fergie’s National Anthem performance.

May 14 2019

I know everyone’s going to focus on the players not getting paid and him being a bad guy but equally noteworthy is trying to present the fact that he’s a terrible defensive coach as somehow proof of what a genius he is. 

Mar 12 2019

The thing I loved about this story, is Keisel couldn’t help but tell on himself. People (dipshits in particular) seem to forget that professional athletes play at an incredibly elite level, with the most insane shit talkers on earth. These shit talkers are all programmed to spend every minute of the game trying to get Read more

Mar 8 2019

Between Barstool getting slapped and Nick Foles becoming a Jaguar it’s been an interesting week for three-legged sports figures.

Feb 22 2019

You knew your take was shitty, and that this wasn’t the place for it, and you decided to put it out there anyway. You’re an asshole.

Dec 21 2018

That fucking “Epitome of a team player” tweet is nearly as rage-inducing as the video. Fuck that guy.

Dec 21 2018

I really don’t want to blame it on this as it existed well before, but you know what, fuck it; Trump’s America. Read more

Dec 6 2018

Oh my god. The person who rips my book would have his balls fed to him through his nostrils. BOOKS ARE FRIENDS. RESPECT BOOKS, DAMMIT. Even my six and three year olds learned this lesson early.

Nov 9 2018

It’s kind of cheating because it really isn’t a “line” but the last part of Black by Pearl Jam is just gutting: Read more