Go ahead and keep claiming that amidst reports of record-high profits for last fiscal year at Capcom and other AAA publishers. Read more

I’d argue that that logic is fundamentally flawed. For one, when you pay for a service like GP, you’re specifically paying for access to games on that service. That access isn’t an incidental benefit. It’s the primary purpose of that service. Read more

That’s a pretty silly analogy. A better analogy would be: Read more

Obviously we know what they mean. However, that doesn’t excuse the incorrect usage of words. Read more

Obligatory “it’s not free if you have to pay to access it” comment. Seriously, though. It’s not free. That’s like saying Stranger Things is free on Netflix. It’s not. You have to pay a subscription fee to access that content. Therefore, that content isn’t free. Read more

This does look pretty cool but I remember reading somewhere recently that the washed-out colors were likely a mistake when the original artwork was reproduced for the game manuals. Read more

The publisher’s financial health took a particularly hard hit early this year when CEO Lars Wingefors revealed that a $2 billion deal the company had planned on suddenly fell through at the last minute. Read more

What are the big games on 360 that aren’t still available for purchase on the Xbox One / Series X|S? Read more

I almost guarantee that Rockstar won’t do that again because of the PS4 and Switch release. They won’t raise the price because it’s just bad PR, but they won’t discount below those other versions. Read more

Man fuck these guys, imagine what this money could do for someone that doesn’t already own 3 mansions and 1 yacht. Read more

Is this actually fun, though? I imagine TF2 plays very poorly (from both a gameplay and technical standpoint) with 100 players. This is very much a “wow, wouldn’t it be cool if... oh wait, this actually sucks” novelty thing. Read more

The good memories of dropping your phone and the cover and battery just flying everywhere XD
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At 10 bucks a month, the full Xbox Game Pass on console is a mere dollar extra. It’s hard to imagine why someone would choose not to just spend the extra dollar and get access to a far larger game library that’s abundantly added to every month.

Can’t properly express how glad I am this isn’t another slideshow. Friggin’ herbs are gonna ruin this site even more than they already have. Read more

.......was the terrible facial animation also a call-back to Oblivion? Because what I saw during the stream was dead-eyed and static faced shit that made Mass Effect Andromeda on Launch look expressive. Read more

Old PC component boxes really are a sickness... pretty sure I still have the box from my 8800 GT sitting around somewhere. Read more

god i hate battle passes. You pay money so you can earn rewards for having time to play the game, and you can pay more money to spend less time playing the game. All to get rewards that anyone who doesn’t purchase the pass in that moment may never get Read more

And maybe Nintendo shouldn’t be so litigigous over shit that wasn’t hurting anyone in the first place.
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Do they have to put 2K in all of their titles? Also enough with the Unreal Engine environment. Either make the environment of Lego games entirely out of Lego, or make the grass proportionately sized with the Lego world.  Read more