JACU - I've got bonifides.
7:39 PM

Was the IT guy for a local housing authority for several years. Had a never-ending battle with upper-level staff about why they couldn't put unapproved programs on their PCs. A couple of them were appointed by the director himself, and it finally came down to them complaining that I was interfering with their work by Read more

10:25 AM

When I first drove my tastefully modded del Sol at Texas World Speedway for a track day, the instructor they gave me was an NSX driver. I knew pretty much how to drive my car, but every time I'd lift a little to slightly rotate the car he'd just go nuts, screaming "DON'T LIFT!!!". He seemed a knowledgeable driver, but Read more

7:02 PM

I'm fortunate to live near Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, LA. Almost every day I get to watch the pilots horse these things around at low altitudes, full flaps, often directly over my house. Out walking the dogs one day I met one of the pilots waxing his sportbike in his driveway. Lived just several houses away from Read more

8:08 PM

Higher possibility for making potential life-threatening "mistakes" on the track to be expected for making this kind of "mistake" otherwise.

7:12 PM

Interesting. I owned a slightly used '78 and it was a wonderful car. Never had moment's trouble with it and taught me what nanny-less FWD lift-throttle oversteer is all about.