Jack Jones
Jun 30

...that romper-stomper mill pumps out 342 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of titty twist.

Jun 29

These prices, O’Day argued, were “well below” the company-estimated value of the drug, which includes savings to hospitals of roughly $12,000 per patient. Read more

Jun 29

No time to read the description. NP all the way! Are you sure you don’t want more for it?

Jun 28

And Dark Knight Rises voice Bane is doing a lot of heavy lifting.

Jun 28

Ugh. That made me think of Doctor Pimple Popper vids on youtube.

Jun 27

Surprise! I’ll be sitting next to you. And my emotional support animal is a shoebox full of murder hornets. Read more

Jun 26

It would be nice if those bazillion K-pop stans showed up at the voting booth (or mailed it in, whatev). Read more

Jun 24

See how long you can stand to hear these angry Floridians go on about how masks... cause covid-19? Read more

Jun 21

Dammit, I wanted to be there but I’m currently on a Soros’ bus driving to NY to vote for AOC 256 times on June 23rd.

Jun 20

Yes, but if you spread out the payments with a 20 year mortgage 240 month auto loan...

Jun 18

The Emperor will probably show up in Tulsa wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Jun 18

Well, at least it went through the proper authorities, instead of a twitter mob like the poor guy who was wrongly identified and doxed as the bike path asshole because he had the similar helmet and sunglasses and used that path. Read more