Oct 1 2019

I believe you are correct, the headlight has LS listed, and by all shapes and dimensions looks to be identical, I will have some designers take a look, We are based in NC. 

Sep 24 2019

Who “pops” a Cialis in this car? You take two, and you chew them with your molars, grinding them down into a fine powder, before washing the grit off your teeth with the Scope you keep in the center armrest. Read more

Sep 24 2019

The wheels can be quickly swapped, and the hood scoop can be removed. You may even be tempted to make this car look tasteful and close to stock. Read more

Aug 31 2019

I hate to say it, but most of these are actually kind of ugly. The Zagato doesn't work because there's too many tiny grills and the headlights look almost scared. The Pirana would look better with a traditional trunk but as is the rear quarter just looks too long. The XJ40pf looks like a 70s Chevy sedan with a jaguar Read more

Aug 16 2019

Can you stop using Latinx already. No one fucking uses it, it’s not a thing and will never be a thing. Everyone I know that’s actually from Latin America hates it and will never use it. 

Aug 16 2019

The gender neutral term for Latino is Latino. No actual Latino identifies as Latinx. It’s a made up word by non Latinos. Kinda like how people who are not Native American want to change the name of the Washington Redskins, but actual Native Americans could care less.

May 5 2019

Why are you guys recycling an old article? Couldnt think of anything else to post?

Apr 6 2019

I think you’re talking about the same thing I do—I split the balls of my right foot between the two pedals. I find it to be much easier, less tiring, and better feel for the throttle and no loss of feel with the brake. It’s such an effortless technique that I use it as part of ordinary driving.

Apr 6 2019

I do a toe-toe roll, which apparently is extremely unique because no one ever mentions it as a viable option. Read more