Oct 17 2019

He might be a skeleton twink, but he’s a bear compared to Marko Stunt, who looks like the star of a 2003 Disney Channel Original Movie about an aspiring teen BMX racer who finds a magic helmet that turns him into Travis Pastrana when he puts it on.

Jul 24 2019

Here’s the thing...and I am going to be blunt...it’s not my job to care about how you get paid...it’s just not...so, no, I don’t carry cash for a reason and am not going to start carrying cash/change so I can tip in cash for a bill I’ve paid on credit card...I am so tired of this new idea that not only am I supposed Read more

Jul 24 2019

For the sake of not ruining a mild attempt at humor, we’ll just pretend like he spent a lot of money out of pocket.  Are you ok with that?

Jul 17 2019

That was certainly a dumb opinion but I feel like there needs to be more there to suggest racism.

Jul 15 2019

THAT’s considered the ultimate finisher in WWE now? My exposure to WWE now comes pretty much exclusively from reading Deadspin coverage so I’d never seen it before. I’ve now watched that Gif like 10 times, then went to YouTube and watched a couple videos of Corbin doing the move too, and I don’t even understand how Read more

Jun 16 2019

There will be a lot of joking involved with this asshole’s emergence on Twitter but let’s not forget that this fucking coward tore his wife’s throat out and got away with it.

Jun 13 2019

I can understand packing a fleshlight to use discreetly on the road, but it takes a psychopathic level of commitment to one’s masturbation habits to travel with a lifesize replica of a headless, limbless woman to fuck right there in front of others.

Jun 12 2019

You do realize that is not what the panel was criticizing. Their comments were about the celebrations, not the score.

May 14 2019

I look forward to Diana Moskovitz’s upcoming piece explaining why we shouldn’t call this a domestic violence case and why prosecuting Urias is vaguely problematic.

May 10 2019

People that aren’t subjected to Mike on a nearly daily basis will have no idea how spot on this is. +1. Back after this.

Apr 29 2019

Isn’t Francesa’s statement more of an indictment of the Giants than the player? That the Giants talked about drafting high-character guys and then one is involved on the business end of a shooting while at a late-night house party and that this makes the Giants look like they did not do their due diligence? Or am I Read more

Apr 29 2019

I hate Gettleman so I’m not going to defend his comments. I do think that Kerry Collins is overly ripped on retrospectively. He was never a great QB by any stretch but he was a consistent starting caliber QB who occasionally strung together enough good performances to help his team get to the playoffs. If he was Read more