Just this. It is so much the 70s that it hurts. And had been around for years, always teased and rumoured for production, though not by MB themselves.

Does the styling make the car more unpractical than it needed to be in some areas? Asking this because recent Mercedes had a tedency to do so, did experience this by sitting in the CLA's rear seat...

Well, that'd come in at a cool $5,3 million, wouldn't it?

Can they build a slot car track of this:

Yeah, their Talbot-Lagos are also breathtaking indeed.

The German tuning firm Mansory has made a gaggle of tasteless modified exotic so I'll just focus on one–the Carbonado GT. It's a 1600 horsepower Lamborghini Aventador with a lot more carbon fiber added on. The name is a portmanteau of 'carbon fiber' and 'tornado.' Read more

Thanks for posting this. That's all

I would not consider them supercars. Essentially, the Miura was the first supercar, this is common. The classic supercar had exotic status, RWD and, most important, mid-engine with considerable power (depending on the era it was built in).

How can you say that? It inspired the E-Type!!!

Mercedes-Benz offered the G-Wagen as "Professional" from 2012 through late 2013 to private persons in Germany. It was cancelled because of new emission standards. You could buy the "Professional", which is essentialy a back-to-the-basics workhorse without many luxury gizmos, as the civillian G350s and AMGs have, but Read more

Is there some Mosler in here?

Personally, I think the Z06 is in comparison with the Hellcat Challenger the smarter buy. Read more

British Racing Green is just obvious. It would look good with black leather, but that'd be Boring, no? And I don't need so much chrome...

I know, quite unusual. But in my opinion, most 991 911s look boringly similar, so why not? It is a classic combination, I imagine it on something like an AC Ace. As the 911 connvertible's a great allrounder, I don't bother about the targa or the coupe. You know, it is something you'd like to take for a spin on a Read more