IWASDARTHVADER's death star canteen
3/25/18 12:08PM

I think we’re at the stage of the origin story where the whole of Gotham loves the Penguin.

3/24/18 12:50PM

Another instance of people seeking to disengage from the responsibility of discernment, though some simple rules or edicts. Often simple, seldom accurate.

3/24/18 11:28AM

Honestly, with how most porn is today, it’s almost like women aren’t even suppose to enjoy sex but we are suppose to get pleasure simply from giving men pleasure. And even though everyone claims porn doesn’t influence people, by my own experiences, porn has certainly influenced the way men approach sex. It negatively Read more

3/24/18 11:12AM

Then lets advocate for women to be given equal pay and more opportunities in society outside of just providing sex to men. Like encouraging women into STEM and coding. There is big money there.And yet, the argument is always for why women should do sex work to pay bills when women have a lot more to offer than just Read more

3/24/18 10:01AM

Well, yeah. But women at an office job don’t generally sit around talking about their sexual abuse histories?

I used to teach a community college which had a required general course for all incoming students, and a pre-fab curriculum. One of the weeks was about self-esteem, and how it might impact your progress at the Read more

3/23/18 11:58PM

Anyone who is not willing to abide by the rules & boundaries of the other parties, should leave be avoided at all cost and not be allowed to play.

3/23/18 10:36PM

It’s not “my” argument. It’s the scientific method, dumbass. Get your head out you post-modern ass.

3/23/18 10:25PM

Everyone saying amateur porn is the ethical alternative to the studio-produced kind seems to miss that. Sort of the same myopia that applies to the NCAA, I guess.

3/23/18 8:32PM

Yes it was to show how this works without someone being naked.

3/23/18 6:24PM

>I’ve seen some BDSM-themed videos that make me wonder just how much consent was really obtained and whether one of the partners is being pressured into making videos, or even aware at all that the videos are going to be posted publicly. It’s often not easy to tell. Read more

3/23/18 6:20PM

Counterpoint: If creating porn is legal, prostitution(sex for hire) should be legal too.

3/23/18 6:09PM

Whether it’s in front of a camera, in a private bedroom, a club or anywhere else, everyone involved in BDSM should be clear on the rules, boundaries, safewords etc. Anyone who is not willing to abide by the rules & boundaries of the other parties, should leave.

3/23/18 5:10PM

How do people feel about the potential conflict of interest in Angie Rowntree doubling as a consent advocate when working as a scene photographer for her HUSBAND’S company? Read more

3/23/18 4:53PM

In Raven’s case, she said she was too afraid to air her discomfort during the shoot in question because, as she put it in the YouTube video, “I was in a warehouse, it was nighttime, there were multiple men on set, it was just me, I didn’t have a car.”
Read more

3/23/18 4:00PM

It’s good that the industry is getting its shit together, but there’s an enormous amount of amateur content out there, much of it produced by couples who neither have nor want any connection to the industry; they just want hits on PornHub. I’ve seen some BDSM-themed videos that make me wonder just how much consent was Read more