Mar 18

It wouldn’t be a Star Wars article without all the whiners showing up to bitch and moan about an IP they spend all their time watching and thinking about. Star Wars fans are the worst.

Mar 17

Moral of the story, think before you say whatever dumb shit comes into your head. You are not Buddha, your every spoken thought is not a pearl of wisdom. 

Mar 16

Seeing people hoard toilet paper first hand is what makes me feel fine about the end of the world. Everyone dies under a mountain on TP is a fitting end for America, at least.

Mar 16

Being right wing means only giving a shit if it effects you personally. Speaking as a San Franciscan, fuck all these assholes for mocking us for being prepared.

Mar 15

So... when the president orders a private corporation to do a certain thing, is that communism or socialism...?

Mar 14

I know. But, they havent had total control until trump just handed it to them on live TV.

Mar 13

Dont be awestruck. The President just told all of America that private corporations would be handling things from now on. Corporations literally run America now.