It’s Buicks, all the way down.” Read more

Wanna hear something even funnier?

the 1991 Camaro Z28 1LE with the L98 350TPI made 245HP (more) and 345lb/ft (only 40 less)

so......yea....what exactly was the point? Read more

You should tell that to the people who awarded the Impala with best interior in class... Read more

24 here, I’d buy any of their current sedans. Read more

I... what?

Uh, Buick has been battling Lexus for #1 in reliability rankings for at least a decade now. Are you living in the ‘80s? Read more

You know who puts 200k miles on either of those vehicles? Exactly nobody, that’s who. I get the extreme longevity argument but it just doesn’t apply in this instance at all. Read more

I think it helps decrease the drag coefficient Read more

I feel like the US policing problem could be solved by basically just finding anyone who really wants to be a cop and not allowing them to be a cop. It seems like an unhealthy percentage of police are just in it to lord their authority over people. Also, I realize not all cops, but sure as shit a bunch of them. Read more

I’ll have you know my first car was a 1995 white Lumina with a burgundy interior and a bench seat. The car lasted an incredible 325,994 miles in New Hampshire before coming to a complete boom on Christmas Day, 2009.

I’m supremely biased, but I loved that car. Read more

You are mistaken good sir as I thrash my Lumina with the 3.1 and over a hundred thousand miles on the regular. My father had one same as I and his lasted to the ripe old age of 166,000 miles until he was t-boned. Read more

Good thing you’re working on a merger proposal with Taco Bell as we speak Read more

“Hey guys, let’s ignore the part of the Rand Corp study that estimates the cost of discharging and replacing trans soldiers to be over 100 times more than just keeping them on the payroll to allow me to bring up some dumb, useless bullshit.”
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What are you even trying to make a point of here? Do you know what a non-sequitur is? Read more

This is your takeaway from this story? Read more

Transfolk have always served, and served well. Our soldiers should be respected as themselves. Read more

You know, forget the fact the man is incompetent, the fact that he will waste time fighting battles like this with really no upside is the best proof the man has lost his mind. Read more

running people over? that’s no job for a honda...