There is a huge difference between a rapist making a rape joke, and a non-rapist making a rape joke. Read more

My time is up, thank you all so much for the interesting questions! I had a great time answering them. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day : ) Read more

I actually don't really talk to them anymore. When I got into porn, I moved out to LA, and we just kind of lost touch... I do think about them from time to time, though. They are really great people Read more

Oops sorry I was unclear, I was talking about when I just close my eyes and don't use porn to masturbate- then, I think of my husband. If I'm watching a porn, I'm definitely engrossed in the video. Read more

1)I really like this (super random) spot called Little Italy on 33 and 5th (It *might* be 6th.) Although I am definitely no pizza snob- I'll eat any pizza from anywhere. Read more

I do. I almost wish there was some kind of disclaimer before each scene, like "THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT, AND SPECIFIC TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE'S FANTASIES- NOT EVERYONE HAS SEX LIKE THIS, THIS IS NOT A HOW-TO" but they would probably just fastforward and skip right over it anyway. Read more

(I answered the onscreen partner question so I'll just skip to your last few questions.) Read more

I was an intern there, during highschool. I was literally getting coffee for people and doing all the shit work. I would've hated it at any company. Read more

Bond number 9 "Scent of Peace" Read more

Bond number 9 "Scent of Peace" Read more

Toni actually doesn't direct me in scenes with other people. He only shoots things that turn him on. I, on the other hand, put him in every movie that I can, when I'm directing. I like watching him have sex with other women... maybe I have a bit of a cuckold fantasy? But it stops at sex. If he were to connect with Read more

I did go to school with him. I heard a rumor he is going around telling people we had a "thing." It's totally untrue. I've never even hugged him. Read more

It's the same in the sense that I'm getting paid for sex, but aside from that it's very different. 1) Porn is legal, prostitution is not. 2) In porn everyone I have sex with is tested for STD's in the past two weeks- that is not usually the case in prostitution. 3) Porn is made in a safe, controlled environment, also Read more

Well obviously Toni Ribas, I mean I married him, haha. Besides him, I love a lot of the european men- they seem to have a pervier outlook, which I enjoy. I love London Keyes, Jessie Andrews, Jessica Drake, Katsuni, Dana Vespoli, Celeste Star, oh my gosh the list goes on and on... I could never pick one favorite. A Read more

Get close to her face. If her eyes go to your lips, kiss her. If not, back off. Read more

For me, I don't think it's that people think I'm SO beautiful that I MUST be stupid- I think many people think I do porn because I can't do anything else. The truth is, I do believe in myself enough to think I could do a million other things- but I chose to do porn, because that's what I genuinely wanted. Read more

Herpes is definitely common in the industry, and it is in the rest of the world, too- Personally, I'm vaccinated for HPV but I actually don't know how common it is. Read more

I LOVE HIM. He's a very passionate performer and he knows what he's doing. Read more

It's definitely possible to save enough money to retire on. My advice would be to save at least half of the money you're making now. Read more

I definitely feel empowered, just for the fact that I'm doing what I want, regardless of what society thinks a woman "should" or "shouldn't" do with her body. It sounds dumb, but there was a time society didn't think women should wear pants- I feel something like a woman wearing pants, now. Read more