Sep 16

It seems important to point out that Dan didn’t say not to tell your kids you’re dating. He said not to introduce them to new partners until it seems like a fairly sure thing. Your kids don’t need to meet every person you date. 

Aug 31

I always have, and always will love the original game (DA:O) the best, as I was born & raised on all ye olde Baldur’s gate/Planescape/Idewind Dale games of yore, and I LOVE the depth and difficulty(?) of the combat/spell mechanics. (Plus, you know, the characters were reasonably well-written, and the areas were pretty Read more

Aug 21

This is ludicrous. I’m not going to get into the specifics on the rights (or otherwise) of Apple to charge whatever it wants on it’s own platform.... but rather, to point out the most obvious flaw in their demands .... any user who wants to subscribe directly to their content can do so on their websites directly. Read more

Aug 18

Don’t do slideshow articles. they are terrible clickbaity nonsense that nobody likes

Aug 17

Who died and decided 30 was the wrong percentage. Nothing stopping Epic from a: sideloading on 80% of all cellphones in the world and b: starting their own OS and COMPETING with Apple software to software... Read more

Aug 17

Orrrr they’re taking action against a developer who flagrantly violated the terms of service. Epic’s selfish action has put its own developers in trouble. I’m sure they’re more than willing to fork out some cash to help them out. 

Aug 17

Just like Epic has the right to split it 88/12, Apple has the right to split it 70/30. Apple also doesn’t have a majority of the market, they have one ecosystem. Nobody buys an iphone expecting access to the google play store for apps.

I’d say that their paid exclusivity model is draconian. And how is it really an Read more

Aug 13

The whole 1984 angle and having all of this response prepared in advance really put a sour taste in my mouth. Trying to create this weird public discourse and use your arguably easily-influenced fan base to try and get what you want is...I mean, it’s on brand but it’s really gross. The extremely public and Read more

Aug 12

The notoriously worst movie of 2000 - Hollow Man - was better than Unbreakable. Final Destination was better than Unbreakable. Hell, The Ladies Man was better than Unbreakable.
Read more

Aug 4

The height of narcissism is being offended by people mispronouncing your last name, especially if its root is in a foreign tongue. The equivalent of assholes who pick apart an immigrant speech for not being perfect or making malapropisms. Also, a lot of names require your tongue to due things it has not done before in Read more

Aug 4

The mispronunciation of names seems like making a mountain out of a mole hill. It happens. I’m sure he tried his best, but it’s not like he’s going to automatically know how to pronounce every name. My last name is Fench Canadian. 9 out of 10 Americans get it wrong. I correct them and move on. I can’t expect them to Read more

Jul 14

Exactly. In PA, after several municipalities demo’d that it could be done (the small town where I was living wired every home with fiber), then-Gov. Ed Rendell signed a law saying “no more municipal-owned ISPs”. Know where Rendell is from? Philly. Know what else is from Philly? COMCAST.  Not a coincidence.  Read more

Jul 13

I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, I imagine their reaction is “Great, I have to make a -larger- donation this year?”