ITA97, now with more Jag @
Nov 12

Also, they gave some butthole with a blue Puffalump bunny avatar banhammer privileges, so don’t even think about plagiarizing other peoples’ stuff. 

Nov 11

This made me very sad to read, as a community we really appreciate the kind words though. We’d love nothing more than to stay here an active part of Jalopnik. Read more

Nov 9

I think the inside of the main meals are reflective. Granted I try not to look at MREs when I eat them

Oct 30

Crap, this is dangerous for me. It’s close enough ... anyone wanna buy a Yamaha Zuma 125?

Oct 28

Prior to Covid, I was getting ready to spend $2000-4500 for a nice level 3 ebike for commuting. I’ve had a chance to ride most of the offerings in this price range. Here are the reasons this thing is a mess: Read more