May 15

Y’all all my good vibes from work have been shattered this week. FUCK THIS. I had basically 3 meetings in the last

Apr 3
Fur Face Friday

It’s time for Fur Face Friday, you April fools! I hope you are safe in your current shelter-in-place location. Here

Mar 18

How are you? How is your paper goods stash? You got enough liquor? You got a queue of shows/pile of books/bunch of

Jan 29

I have a tooth that has started to be sensitive to cold beverages. In the last 48 hours, that has ratcheted up

Jan 13
Monday Morning OT

Hello, welcome to Monday. How are you? Hope you are good. It’s weather whiplash here in middle TN. We had warm

Dec 31

I’m at work! In the office! Wearing my fancy rainbow cowboy boots! And I don’t feel like I’m dying! If that’s not

Dec 30
Boots on the ground

So I got some pretty new boots and I want you to look at them!! The pics absolutely do not do the colors justice.

Dec 11
Dinner time OT

I am a less itchy lady today, so in celebration I’m making the lasagna I was supposed to make on Monday. Talk about

Nov 15
Fur Face Friday

Hello, hardy souls of the (still here) Kinjaverse. As long as Kinja still exists, your stalwart Snout Selectors are

Sep 27 2019
Fur Face Friday!!

Hello friends! I was drugged to the gills last week recuperating from hand surgery, so I just perused last week’s

Sep 16 2019

Surgery went well on my finger. I’m in the post surgery drug haze. Husband is picking up some stuff and waiting on

Jun 20 2019

So my husband is very close to getting an offer on a new position in a new company. It’s moving to inpatient (he’s a

Feb 11 2019

I I took my cat to the vet for a wound that showed up- near as we can tell I nipped his sskin when I was trimming