Jul 9 2015

He feels like a mix of old and new. The move set looks like the MvC2 Ken that I love.

Jun 29 2015

This video lacks rat-tail

Jun 24 2015

Harley lets Ivy out of her cell in Asylum, despite the latter not being on Mistah J’s “party list,” and the exchange, I think, gives them an air of friendship (and maybe hints at their romance?)

Jun 23 2015

Did you just read the headline... maybe the first paragraph... and then come down here to comment? The actual complaint is all spelled out up there.

Jun 22 2015

It was a Mic drop that resulted in someone coming along scrambling to pick the mic back up to apologize for such a lame announcement. Of the 1,139+ games on Xbox 360, they are giving us 100. 100 random titles that may or may not have anything to do with each other (see Xbox Classic emulation). For a release date that Read more

Jun 12 2015

Well it’ll be more interesting to see what Sony have as we know MSoft will drop Halo 5, something Gears related, and a couple of other big hitters but Sony have already dropped their AAA games and most weren’t well received (only one that did well was Bloodborne).

Jun 5 2015

Maybe I’m wrong, but one of the criteria used to select games for HOF status is how influential a game is to world culture, not just gaming culture. Pac Man had a cereal, songs written about him, and even a TV series...he was a mega popular chap! Ms Pac Man may be the more fun game, but Pac Man had more influence on Read more

Jun 3 2015

My reaction to anything related to Big Bang Theory (otherwise known as the 2nd worst successful sitcom of the past ten years)

Jun 1 2015

Sledge Hammer did it better.

May 6 2015
Konami Sucks

The Internet’s angry at something new every day. With P.T., there’s a good god damn reason.

May 4 2015

I’m the guy who sets difficulty as high as possible in 95% of the game I play, and I’m not doing it to prove anything to anyone. It just feels much, much more immersive to me that way. When playing Dead Space for example, knowing that those monsters can actually KILL ME in a couple of attacks, and that I’m super low Read more