Feb 15 2019

Well, at least she got me thinking about Jesus getting old if he hadn’t been killed. Read more

Dec 28 2018

That seems like an overly simplistic and somewhat silly argument. Men are bad because they get advice from other men? Women can get advice from women only because men are not capable of giving advice? Read more

Dec 8 2018

I think you missed HerBluEyz’s point. It’s entirely possible to see someone else’s POV without agreeing with it. Read more

Jul 10 2018

I think Melania just overdid it with the fillers. Plus, picking a double that actually looks like Melania wouldn’t be BoneSpur’s style. He’d pick a completely different looking (and much younger) woman and then declare that this was what Melania has always looked like and only someone who hates America and loves MS-13 Read more

Mar 1 2018

Counterpoint: Stick to one issue at a time. If you try to attach Michael’s laundry list of wishes to your goal, you’ll accomplish nothing and the odds of you accomplishing anything are pretty thin to start with.

Feb 22 2018

Interesting how Trump says “I don’t like this idea of ‘active shooter drills’ to be honest with you” because the name could frighten children, while he also supports arming the teachers. Read more

Feb 22 2018

Here’s a story about a survivor being mistaken for the shooter by the police. Good thing no such mistakes could possibly happen by armed teachers with far less training than police officers! Read more

Feb 17 2018

I know a lady who can restore that arm for him.......

Feb 6 2018

<whispers> But it was the *Spanish flu.... so, you know....